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Maintenance Programs

Weekly Pool Cleaning Maintenance Service

Weekly Pool Cleaning Maintenance ServiceYour CPO (Certified Pool Operator) will promptly show up on scheduled day every week. CPO will have already reviewed any notes regarding your property such as which gate, pets, etc. CPO will be cognitively reviewing a priority checklist of every pool (water level, clarity, debris, system on/off, any leakage or irregular sounds and system pressure) while cleaning skimmers, netting, vacuuming, cleaning pump baskets, chemical anaylsis and adjustments. Your CPO will eMail a Weekly Report Card.

Timely Filter Cleaning is the cornerstone of a healthy pool

3 to 6 month Filter Cleaning ProgramCartridges Filters need cleaned every 3 months & D.E. Filters every 6 months to ensure proper filtration and good circulation. Maintaining a clean filter will help prevent algae and lower the system pressure build-up. Sand Filters need taken apart and sand replacement every 5 years.

Save Time and Money?

With our service the only time you spend with your pool is quality enjoyment. Your time is valuable and for just a few dollars more or less than what you spend on chemicals, we cover everything including chemicals.

Protecting my investment?

A stich in time saves nine... We extend the life of your equipment by noticing small needs such as lubrication, o-rings, valves and filters before they create more expensive problems. Simple Details can be RedFlags.

Is balanced chemistry better than just clear?

Precisely balancing pool chemistry keeps your body (body pH 7.5) healthy and extends the life of your pool plaster, parts, deck and the whole environment. This saves you money in the long-run.

What about Salt Systems?

We offer salt system installations, maintenance and conversions. There are pros and cons to salt systems. Ultimately, electrolysis converts the salt into chlorine to sanitize the water.

Can you just clean my Filter?

We offer Filter maintance programs for DE and Cartridge Filters.

Will you just fix my system?

Yes, some of our customers just call us for repairs and semi-annual filter cleanings.

My pool is green, can you help?

We can get it crystal clear, frequently without draining it. Having spotless plaster once the water is clear is great, but draining, acid wash or replastering might not be in the budget or even be necessary.
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